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Face the Future – with Derma Pro Products for Problem Skin

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Another day…another outbreak?

Statistics show that up to eighty percent of the population suffers from acne or a skin problem at some time during their life. More and more acne is also becoming an adult problem. Of course, there is much speculation for this – perhaps the environment has changed, and there are more irritants in the air, water and products we use, whatever the cause the result is the same.

Too many people have problem skin. Perhaps they are suffering from eczema, maybe they have psoriasis, more likely they are suffering from a bout of acne. No matter the disorder the outcome is the same. Your skin is imperfect and it is uncomfortable – if not physically, then certainly emotionally.

And that IS a fact. There are few things more challenging than having some type of skin disorder. People notice, particularly if it is on your complexion, but anywhere that you leave your skin bared. Often people with skin problems will avoid wearing certain types of clothing, or even avoid social situations because they are so embarrassed about their problem skin.

We at Allure Imports, Inc. understand the issues. We are a manufacturer and distributor of a variety of all-natural and organic products to treat problem skin. For example, our Derma Pro Trauma Gel is just one of a line of products that are designed to work together or separately to act as a best skin treatment for acne, best skin treatment for psoriasis and best skin treatment for eczema.

It also works for burns and other problems!

Our company has a long and proud history of providing exceptional products and service. We invite you to visit our website to learn more about all of our products!


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