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Face Doctor Rx Rejuvenating Soap – Natural Acne Soap

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Acne causes emotional and physical scars. Just when you are excited about growing up – wham – you are hit with one of the worst problems to accompany the growth process. Nearly eighty percent of the population suffers from acne at one point or another in their lifetime but when it happens to you – you think you are the only one in the world to go through it.

Moreover, there are a thousand different treatments and remedies for acne, but it feels like very few solutions. You are a faithful follower of the medical journals – reading and trying all of the homeopathic and pharmaceutical suggestions that abound but to no avail!

Well, don’t give up before trying what we here at Allure Imports, Inc. like to call our miracle cleanser. Allure Imports, Inc. has been manufacturing and marketing products to address a variety of problems, and one of them is acne.

There has been some medical evidence that acne is actually caused by the tiny Demodex parasite – or eyelash bug – that burrows into the pores of healthy skin leaving redness and blemishes in its wake.

Well our Face Doctor Rx Rejuvenating Soap is a proprietary combination of all-natural ingredients that has been proven to combat this invisible mite, leaving smooth, glowing skin that looks and feels cleaner and fresher – healthier – after each wash. Face Doctor Rx Rejuvenating Soap is not only a teen acne treatment but works on adult acne as well. We urge you to visit our website and read the research we have provided – then order a bar for yourself.

Face Doctor Rx Rejuvenating Soap is available through our website, other online retailers and at pharmacies. Try it for a week, a month – and you will never return to using those perfumed, chemical based soaps that don’t seem to work no matter what they claim.

Oh, and when you’re done drop us a line and tell us how we’re doing. We’re here to serve you!


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