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Face Doctor Rx – Effective Natural Skin Treatments

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Face Doctor Rx is just one line of products offered by Allure Imports, Inc. We are a natural health and beauty product company that has been in business for more than thirty years and have created products to enhance your insides and outsides with products that are forged from organic ingredients.

For instance, Face Doctor Rx products contain sea buckthorn oil with anti-aging and anti-wrinkle properties. One bar of this all natural cleanser lasts up to three months, and when combines with other Face Doctor Rx products becomes an entire beauty regimen for a variety of skin problems including as a teenage acne treatment and eczema treatment for adults.

We have been creating products in our own laboratories with the help of licensed dermatologists who share our desire to help you enjoy a more beautiful complexion and overall derma!

To learn more about Allure Imports, Inc. and our Face Doctor Rx products visit our website below.

Oh, and then order a bar and locate a supplier in your area. Today can be the first day of a new, more youthful and radiant you.


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