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Derma Pro – Advanced Dermatology Skin Care Line

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Let us begin with a brief introduction. Our company is Allure Imports, Inc. We are a Canadian company operating out of Michigan and have been in the ALL NATURAL health and beauty product business for over three decades. That’s right – we know our stuff.

Although we offer a variety of products – one of our powerful beauty lines is Derma Pro. Some of the products in that line are Derma Pro Trauma Gel – designed to soften the effects of damaged complexions and skin and Derma Pro Silver Spray – a mist to work in conjunction with the gel or separately. Both are designed to help relieve and minimize the effects of teenage and adult acne. Both are effective and natural skin treatments developed by our own team of dermatology researchers whose aim is to bring organic products to the market that will enhance your health and beauty.

We invite you to visit our website to learn more about this and all of the products we sell…

oh, yes – and while you’re there order Derma Pro products for your own use. Many are available in local areas as well.

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