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Even When the Breakouts Became Worse, I Still Managed to Control Rosacea

Learning how to keep the rosacea symptoms under control takes time, some skill, and a great product. It also takes a great deal of patience and a lot of hit and misses. But I’ve always been persistent. After watching my mother struggle with the disease, I wasn’t surprised when I was diagnosed with the same condition. Unlike other skin conditions, rosacea doesn’t get better with changes in diet or life habits. My worst breakouts would come at times when I wasn’t feeling particularly stressed. But it really depends on each person. For me, the trick was finding an effective natural rosacea soap that helped me control the proliferation of the Human Demodex parasite. The FaceDoctor line has been a tremendous help in face redness treatment and I can’t stop recommending them to everyone. I even recommend it to people without rosacea! They’re made with natural ingredients so they’re perfectly safe to use.

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