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Do an About Face – with Face Doctor – You’ll Love the New You!

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Your skin is what people see first. Don’t you want yours to be beautiful? Allure Imports, Inc. has been in the business of developing and selling all natural facial and body cleansers that combat all types of skin problems – from acne to psoriasis and rashes to rosacea.

We have long been advocates of organic products – and that is all you will find in Face Doctor Rx items such as our very popular Rejuvenating Soap. Our research and development department is peopled with dermatology experts, and they continue to refine our cleansers to offer you a better ‘wash’, a cleaner ‘feel’ and a more beautiful ‘countenance’ staring back at you from the mirror.

To learn more about Face Doctor Rx and all of our products – visit our website and then order from the many items we create for your benefit.

Thanks for shopping with us.

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