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DIY FaceGym: 6 Moves to Tone & Tighten Skin at Home

Your facial muscles need the same kind of workout as the rest of your body if you want to keep your face in good shape as you age. FaceGym is the latest anti-aging trend that visibly sculpts, lifts, and firms your skin. However, for the best results, aestheticians recommend several sessions per week.


If you can’t hit the FaceGym studio regularly, you can easily incorporate these six light facial resistance exercises into your morning and evening skincare routine.


1.      The Thinker

Make a fist and rest it under your chin. Maintain upward pressure, then open and close your jaw. Repeat ten times.


2.      Cheek Lifts

Place your right hand on the right side of your face and gently pull the skin back toward your ear. Exhale hard toward the left for ten repetitions. Repeat on the left side of your face.


3.      The Bulldog

Push your lower jaw forward, bringing your lower teeth in front of your upper teeth. Slowly raise your chin to the ceiling. Hold for five seconds, then return your head to a neutral position. Repeat three times.


4.      Happy Face

Smile by imagining you are saying the letter ‘E.’ Do not open your mouth or crinkle your eyes. Hold for ten seconds, then release. Repeat ten times. Although this exercise may feel like you aren’t doing much, you target the small muscles around your mouth that tend to sag and wrinkle with age.


5.      Eye Squint

Focus on a point in the distance. Then, squint your eyes like you can’t see and hold this position for three seconds. Then open your eyes wide as though you are surprised and hold for three seconds. Repeat ten times.


6.      Corrugator Lift

Your corrugator muscle is located between your eyebrows. Using firm pressure, place your index finger on the corrugator muscle and raise your eyebrows up and down ten times. Lift up your eyebrows as far as possible for a deeper workout.


Keep Your Skin Looking Youthful With FaceDoctor

Ensure that you cleanse with a gentle soap such as FaceDoctor Rejuvenating Soap and moisturize before working out your face, and use a serum to prevent stretching or tearing your skin. Explore the full range of high-quality FaceDoctor skincare products online.






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