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I Discovered FaceDoctor for Adult Acne on a Plane

I spent my teenage years acne-free, and I never thought it would one day pop up in my life as adult acne. We tend to think our skin won’t change, don’t we? As a flight attendant, spending lots of hours in a plane without fresh air took a toll on my skin. When the pimples started to breakout all over my face, I actually considered it was chicken pox! The symptoms, of course, didn’t match and a phone call to my mom confirmed that I already had chicken pox as a child… I was so embarrassed because of the way the passengers looked at my face! Eventually, one of them handed me a bar of FaceDoctor’s natural acne soap and told me to start using it right away. I won’t say it was a miracle but it sure was an effective natural skin treatment because I started to feel the difference by the end of that 10-hour flight! Best acne medication soap ever!

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