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Are Acne Soaps the Answer To Teen Acne? Facedoctor Unveils the Truth

The Solution Behind Teen Acne and Teen Acne Soaps Revealed: How to Fight Acne effectively Teenagers are energetic people full of joy and happiness but always looking for solutions on problems such as acne infestation...

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Facedoctor Offers an Innovative Solution for Acne Scars

Even though you may never pick at pimples or do anything else to disturb them during the healing process, you may still wind up needing acne scar treatment.  Needless to say, if pock marks...

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Know these myths and misconceptions about acne breakouts

When you have your first acne breakout, you would definitely run for advice from your parents, aunts or cousins. They will surely share you their great knowledge about acne, but before blindly believing them,...

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Some skin diseases that wreck your life

Everyone wants to look beautiful. Skin is the basic thing that adds shine to our beauty. But often our skin is easily attracted to dust and pollutants in the environment, which makes it a...

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