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Cancer Destroyed My Hair

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I am a two-time survivor of breast cancer. I have always had an itchy scalp and very thin hair. During both of my cancer episodes, I lost all of my hair including my eyelashes and eyebrows. Like most cancer victims I had to purchase wigs or go bald.

My children encouraged me to stop wearing my wigs once my hair grew back, but I truly hated my thin hair. My hair stylist suggested I try FaceDoctor hair products to help with my itchy scalp because she’d heard it was an effective treatment for skin disorders. I did, and I was surprised at the results. My head no longer itches, but most of all I am enjoying the body in my hair. The shampoo is an eczema treatment but cleared up my dry, flaky scalp after only a couple of uses. The shampoo’s main ingredient, sea buckthorn oil makes my hair feel healthy and clean.

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