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An Edible Shower Wash…Effective Skin Treatment & Fun Too!

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Nestled into our Derma Pro product line is our Derma Pro Body Wash – an organically composed cleanser that is fun and effective shower liquid. If you take the time to visit our website, our product description reads:

all natural herbal formula and praised as “Edible shower liquid”. It takes all-natural soap nuts and APG as surfactant and food-classed materials as accessories, can effectively clean the dirt hidden in the skin pores, And also has effects of anti- inflammation and sterilization. It also adds plants extract such as honeysuckle extract, Cili extract, Green tea extract, aloe vera extract and honey to bring your skin a magic fresh feeling and gently keeps your skin healthy, clean and moisture.


Allure Imports, Inc. is the developer and manufacturer of health and beauty products that are composed of all natural ingredients. NO artificial ingredients or chemicals are ever added. That puts us one big step ahead of the competition because the product composition of most soaps reads like a who’s who of the Periodic Table.

Do yourself a favor – try our all natural liquid body soap – a dermatologist skin treatments recommendation Believe us when we tell you the value of organic created materials – we’ve been at this for thirty years and our research department is staffed and operated by dermatologists!


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