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I Use FaceDoctor’s Products for My Skin to Recover from Daily Pollution

My grandmother used to say that the secret for a healthy-looking skin was happiness, lots of water, and sunscreen. Well, she didn’t live in a city as polluted as the one I live in now. No matter how happy I am, how much water I drink and how careful I am with sunscreen, the years of exposure to smog have started to show. When I was looking for an anti-wrinkle cream, I knew I didn’t want something too harsh that would put my skin on alert mode. I wanted an effective natural skin treatment that I could preferably pair with the best skin treatment soap. I wasn’t too excited about mixing brands, though, so I’m glad I found both things I wanted with FaceDoctor’s beauty cream and soap. The sea buckthorn oil soap is my favorite skin product of the last five years! Besides, my skin had had enough of chemicals and needed some serious soothing.

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