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Why I Use FaceDoctor Soap Together with My Sun Screen

I love the beach and the sun in the summer, but I’m completely absent minded when it comes to applying sunscreen regularly. Nine out of ten times I fall asleep and end up with severe sunburns. This year I’m trying to be more aware because I don’t want to risk skin cancer in the future. I’ve also started using FaceDoctor’s sea buckthorn oil soap right after a day at the beach. It’s an effective natural skin treatment that helps my skin to regenerate faster. Also, it’s great if you use it together with your regular sunscreen. This is the best skin treatment soap out there but remember to protect your skin in the sun! FaceDoctor’s soap gives you a little helping hand by keeping your skin healthier, but it’s not a magic potion! I love how my skin feels so smooth after I use this soap. It’s the ultimate soothing sensation!

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