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The Way to Treat the Human Demodex Parasite

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Face Doctor products treat acne, rosacea, eczema and related conditions by effectively destroying the infestation of the Human Demodex parasite. The active ingredient in Face Doctor products is sea buckthorn oil, a natural ingredient that speeds up the healing process and repairs the damage done by scarring, restoring healthy skin.

Face Doctor proudly offers Derma Pro and Face Doctor RX, strong, naturally medicated treatments for rosacea, acne and related skin problems for people of all ages. Face Doctor’s “truly advanced skin care products” earned the 14th Annual Salon International Award for inventions, presented in Geneva, Switzerland.

Medical doctors have isolated a small parasite called Human Demodex (aka the Eyelash Creature), thought to be the cause of many complexion problems. Skin that is rough and flushes, is aging prematurely, or is experiencing acne, eczema, psoriasis or other blemishes, is a sign of parasite activity. If left untreated, it leads to acne rosacea, a bizarre type of skin rash that occurs primarily on the face.

Derma Pro and Face Doctor RX products eliminate these parasites, allowing the skin to heal. Regular use of Face Doctor RX and Derma Pro products improves appearance of the skin significantly in as little as a week.

Try to entire line of Face Doctor Rx products today.

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