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So Long “Pet Zit” with FaceSurgeon Medicated Soap

Every month, a couple of days before my period, the first sign would be there every single time. A zit right between my eyes. Same zit, same spot, every time. After so many years I was used to seeing it there, I would cover it up with foundation, and would make jokes about my pet zit. Last month I was staying at my friend’s house while my apartment was being fumigated. In the rush, I had forgotten to pack my cream and face soap and I couldn’t return home for the next three days. I used her soap and my pet zit was gone the next day. When I asked her what was this awesome product, she told me it was her natural acne soap. Could I have finally found the best acne medication soap of my life? Before using the FaceSurgeon Medicated Soap I had no idea that a natural acne soap could be the solution. But the truth is that my “pet zit” never returned.

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