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Sea Buckthorn Oil Health Benefits

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Sea buckthorn is one of the many gifts of nature that has been traditionally used as a medicine, herb, and skin care remedy for centuries across Europe and Asia. But sea buckthorn has made its way to North America only in recent years. Its leaves and flowers are known to be effective in treating arthritis, gout, gastrointestinal ulcer, and skin rashes among others. When consumed as tea, sea buckthorn leaves offer a great source of antioxidants, vitamins, amino acids, fatty acids, and minerals. All these nutrients combine to lower cholesterol, regulate blood pressure, prevent blood vessel diseases, and boost immunity.

The sea buckthorn oil is essential in treating various conditions, including heart disorders, asthma, acute chest pain, and high cholesterol. Some people apply the sea buckthorn seed oil to the skin in order to prevent common skin conditions like sunburn, radiation damage, burns, cuts, acne, dry skin, eczema, and so on.

Sea buckthorn is commonly used in manufacturing to produce skincare cosmetics and anti aging products. At Face Doctor, we bring you the natural goodness of sea buckthorn oil in FaceDoctor Rejuvenating soap. Not only does it treat common skin conditions, but regular use leaves you with a clearer skin and complexion.

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