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Products with Sea Buckthorn Oil as Active Ingredient Don’t Have to be Expensive

I was so happy to find out that the sea buckthorn oil could do wonders for my psoriasis but my heart sank the moment I heard how expensive it was. This was a few years ago when the world first heard about it in a popular reality show. I moved on to use the same products and kind of forgot about it until I came across the FaceDoctor products at my local health store. An affordable sea buckthorn oil soap? I was out of my mind with happiness! For someone who has suffered from psoriasis for so long, to find an affordable and effective natural skin treatment is a reason to celebrate. I wanted to buy out all their stock but I knew I had to test it first. What if the results weren’t that good? But I was in luck. I had finally found the right product for me and I didn’t have to splurge on something with limited benefits.

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