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How to Make a Microdermabrasion Affordable

My sister and I are close, even if we have different goals in life. She works in finance, helping people (and herself) make more money. I’m in the nonprofit sector. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with either, but there is a difference in the size of our wallets. So when I asked her how she kept her skin looking so clean and fresh, and she said she had a monthly microdermabrasion treatment, I thought well here’s just one more thing I can’t afford. The treatment is effective — reducing sun spots and breaking down acne — but it’s also expensive. I thought good skin must just be for the rich. Then I learned about FaceDoctor Beauty Cream. An all natural acne treatment, it’s one of the best skin treatments for acne problems on the market. And unlike other adult acne treatment products, it doesn’t leave your wallet empty. FaceDoctor Beauty Cream is just one more way I can keep up with my sister!

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