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How My Rosacea Case Became Famous on Social Media

[slide]No matter how many stars and famous people have it, rosacea is not fun to have. The difference between me and all those celebrities is that they have more money than me to disguise their outbreaks. The only thing we have in common is the disgusting Human Demodex parasite that causes this skin disorder. I’m very active on Instagram and have an engaged following but I had never revealed I had rosacea and none of my shots showed it. But one week while I was going through a heavy phase of my rosacea outbreaks, I had to come clean with them. The response was the opposite of what I expected. The comments came flooding in with suggestions of the best rosacea care soap and how the FaceDoctor’s products had changed their lives. I was so amazed I had to try this natural rosacea treatment. They were so right! I’ve been able to control my skin disease ever since.

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