How I Was Finally Able to Start Sunbathing Therapy for My Psoriasis with FaceDoctor

One of the best remedies for psoriasis is to spend time in the sun. For someone who’s always been shy to expose my damaged skin to others, sunbathing therapy was not an option until last year. I chose phototherapy instead. But not only is this treatment expensive, but it’s also not nearly as effective as the natural one. Of course, the anxiety of being out there in public in a bathing suit worsened the signs of psoriasis. He recommended a sea buckthorn oil soap to relieve symptoms and wrote down FaceDoctor’s website address. I wasn’t convinced a natural psoriasis treatment was the way to go but I knew I needed to take that step forward to improve my skin’s health. Not only was this soap an effective natural skin treatment, but it worked beyond my expectations so no more forced sunbathing for me.

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