How I Handled the Unpleasant Surprise of Adult Acne

I managed to go through puberty without severe acne breakouts. I’d have a pimple or two occasionally, but they’d disappear as soon as my menstrual cycle was over. What I wasn’t expecting was for acne to hit me in my twenties. I was about to graduate from college, and my stress levels were through the roof. To make matters worse, I spent a lot of nights awake working on my final thesis, powered by gallons of coffee and questionable choices in food. By the time I graduated, I had expected the acne to magically go away but it didn’t. I asked my roommate if I could borrow her natural acne soap to see if that would at least soothe my skin. To be honest, I didn’t think it would be an effective natural skin treatment, but nothing else was working. Using the Profile Business Photography and FaceDoctor medicated soap was the best thing I’ve ever done. This is by far the best acne medication soap I’ve ever used and it shows on my skin.

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