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How a Rash Made Me Ditch My Wrinkle Creams for FaceDoctor

It wasn’t until the rash on my face grew bigger that I realized that the wrinkle cream I was using was giving me a severe allergy. I’m usually more careful with face products but I thought for wrinkles I needed something a bit stronger. Well, my skin showed me that was not the way to go. But could I really rely on natural products to reduce my wrinkles? I had always found them mildly effective. FaceDoctor’s medicated soap and beauty cream are made with sea buckthorn oil and I had heard wonders about this ingredient. But was it really an effective natural skin treatment? Given my rash, I didn’t have another choice but to try it. Three weeks later and I think I can say that this is the best skin treatment soap I’ve ever used. And I never thought it would work! But it does! I’m thankful that rash made me change my mind about facial products.

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