How a Nightclub Bouncer Doesn’t Let Stress Affect His Psoriasis with FaceDoctor

As a night club bouncer, every night has a different story. I never know when the drunk guy I’m trying to push inside a cab will turn on me and strike a blow to my jaw. Everyone thinks I make a random selection of who gets access to the club, but I’m really just following the boss’ orders for the night. People still try to bribe me. It’s a fun job but the stress and the long nights take a toll on my psoriasis. Part of the job is to stay alert and sharp, so taking cortisone-based medication wasn’t an option. Besides watching my diet and doing breathing exercises to relax, I also rely on FaceDoctor’s sea buckthorn oil soap to control the outbreaks. They have the best skin treatment products because they actually work and respect the complexion’s balance. That’s unusual for a natural skin treatment, compared at least to the ones I had tried before.

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