Eczema Care

How a Dermatologist with Eczema Relies on FaceDoctor

We often forget that doctors get sick too, but I’m probably the funniest punchline of the medical world. I’m a dermatologist with eczema, but I understand it’s not as serious as a dentist with rotten teeth. I think I chose dermatology because of my eczema problem. I understood the symptoms and the disease, but I wanted to know how to live with it and how I could help others live with it too. My patients with eczema feel a connection with me and know that I’ll help them find the right eczema treatment. What they usually don’t expect is that I advise them a natural skin treatment like the FaceDoctor products. I explain to them that not all treatments have to be chemicals and pills. Sometimes, finding an effective natural skin treatment that respects your balance is the best solution. And that’s what I explain my patients, how they need to focus on their health as a whole, not just on the relief of symptoms.

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