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Hair & Scalp Doctor Anti-Bacterial Shampoo is Great for Teenagers

Facedoctor - Dermapro (42)

I have four active and growing teenage boys. They shower every day sometimes twice a day when they are involved in sports. Their hair always looks greasy, and they are constantly picking at their heads or have dandruff.

Regular shampoos don’t help, even those intended for men or sports enthusiasts. They needed something more effective and I wanted them to use a natural product and not something containing chemicals. I purchased anti-bacterial shampoo by Facedoctor and I was amazed at the results. The shampoo contains sea buckthorn oil which gave their hair some much-needed volume.

This shampoo is recommended as an eczema product but it got rid of their dandruff.Their hair looks great and healthy. It smells wonderful too.

I’ve also noticed any acne around their hairline especially on their forehead has cleared up so the shampoo obviously is a teenage acne treatment too!

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