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Give a Rejuvenating Treat to Your Hair with Face Doctor Hair and Scalp Conditioner

Aimed to remove dirt and dust from hair, shampooing hair often drains the natural moisture from the cuticles leaving the tresses dry and dull. As a result, using a conditioner becomes essential. The best conditioner for your hair will always leave your washed tresses smooth and silky for a long time. At the same time, it will not trigger any side effects, even after a prolong use. For most people, hair experts recommend using a protein-rich organic conditioner that moisturizes your hair so deeply that its natural luster and smoothness are restored easily but safely. Moreover, such a hair care product also reduces hair loss. All these features are scientifically present in the Hair and Scalp Doctor conditioner from Face Doctor, the award-winning brand that has won the hearts of many people across the globe.

This conditioner features dermatologist-approved formula that nourishes your manes deeply to leave them soft and sleek. It also tackles with the problem of flaky or itchy scalp as well as protects the scalp from external threats. These capabilities of the conditioner are due to its hair-friendly ingredients, such as sea buckthorn oil, water, pantheniol, and emulsified silicone oil.

It is recommended to use this conditioner after applying the Hair & Scalp Shampoo of the same brand for healing fine and fragile hair.

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