Rosacea, Rosacea Treatments

From Finding the Rosacea Parasite to Slaying it with FaceDoctor

I always thought my rosacea was a skin condition I had inherited from my father. But the day I read about the Human Demodex parasite I felt so disgusted to find out I had these little parasites feeding off my skin cells. After a while, it gets better but in the first couple of days, I couldn’t take that image off my head. I had nightmares about it! But anyway I’m pragmatic, so once the shock was over, I searched for the best way to improve my skin condition. My quest to find the best natural rosacea treatment, fortunately, didn’t take very long. I knew the little parasites weren’t fans of the sea buckthorn oil so all I needed to find was products with that active ingredient. All it took was one trip to my local health store and there it was, the FaceDoctor medicated soap. It worked from day one and I can’t think of my life without it.

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