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Four natural acne face wash cleansers

Acne is without a doubt the most common skin condition known to man. Almost every adolescent will be afflicted with it, and even though this is usually a temporary situation a percentage of adults will become afflicted with the condition as well.

Acne comes in varying degrees ranging from quite mild to very severe and in some cases it can leave permanent scars usually in the facial area. Needless to say that severe cases of acne can deal a significant blow to the self esteem of the afflicted person and therefore it is necessary to prevent an acne outbreak before it can spread.

In order to prevent acne from breaking out, a good skin care regime consisting out of a facial wash using a good and gentle acne soap and hand warm water twice a day usually suffices in order to keep the acne at bay. However, there are times and situations where a good over the counter soap is not at your disposal and in such a case it is good to know how to create a good natural acne face wash cleanser from every day products which are usually present in most homes.

For this reason we selected  Four natural acne face wash cleansers that are easy to create and are very effective. They can not replace a good acne soap, but they will do the job in situations where you need to clean your face and there is no acne soap at hand.

1. Yogurt

Basic yogurt by itself already is a cleanser by nature. Yogurt is jam-packed with proteins, acids and other ingredients that will assist in detoxifying and cleaning up the skin. For a great facial wash using yogurt it works best when combined with lemon juice.

The proper dosage for this mixture is a table spoon of yogurt with one tea spoon of juice. In order to add a pleasant smell to the mixture a drop of essential oil can be added.

To apply the mixture you can either use a cotton swab or your fingertips and once applied it needs to be massaged into the skin. Wait for approximately two minutes after which the yogurt can be washed off again using hand warm water and pat the skin dry using a fresh clean towel.

2. Honey

Honey is by far the most convenient product to use as a facial cleanser, simply because there is nothing to mix it with or add to it. All you need is a bottle of honey and you are ready to go. Honey is very suitable for daily use and will do an amazing job of moisturizing, cleaning and even healing the skin. Best of all, honey is suitable for all skin types.

To use the honey as a facial cleanser all you need to do is take a teaspoon of honey, rub it between your hands and apply to the face, massaging it in. Once done you can wash it off using hand warm water and pat the skin dry using a clean and fresh towel.

In case honey is used for make up removal, the honey is best poured on a wet wash cloth combined with baking soda. Apply to the face and then wash it off again using warm water.

3. Oil

Lately using (essential) oil to clean and moisturize the skin has been growing in popularity and rightfully so. Oils are easy to use as they can be applied directly to the face and even though most of the times essential oils are used, almost all types will do just as well. Some common oils that are known to work well are: Sandalwood, Lavender oil, Olive oil and Castor oil.

It is also possible to mix several oils together for best results and to add a pleasant smell to the oil. After applying it to the face it is simply washed off again using hand warm water and patted dry with a clean towel.

4. Cleansing Grains

Cleansing grains are another excellent means for cleaning the skin. They are easy to make at home on an as needed basis by simply grinding almonds and oats until there is nothing left but a fine powder. This powder is mixed with some kind of liquid, like: yogurt, lemon juice, honey or milk. Many grains can be used besides almonds and oats, like baking soda and sunflower seeds.

To use it, mix the powder with the liquid, creating a paste you can apply to the skin. Once applied, wash it off using hand warm water and pat the skin dry using a clean towel.

All of the above methods are very effective in terms of cleansing the skin. However, they do not compare to a good acne soap for keeping acne at bay. Therefore they are suitable for use when no acne soap is available, but not to be used on a daily basis as a substitute.

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