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FaceDoctor Does Wonders for My Adult Acne

I love my job as a chef and I love when customers call me to their table to compliment me about the food. This is the best reward someone who puts a lot of love into her work could dream of. The only thing I hated about spending hours in the kitchen? My adult acne. Steam, grease, and stress don’t do wonders for my skin. But quitting my job (or delegate all my tasks to someone else) was not going to happen. In the search for a natural acne soap (I would never soak my skin in chemicals, just as I don’t do with my food), I found FaceDoctor’s medicated soap and my gut feeling told me immediately that this was the best acne medication soap out there. That, and the customer reviews. I’m not psychic! I noticed this was an effective natural skin treatment almost immediately! Within weeks my skin was glowing (and not from being in a hot kitchen all day).

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