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FaceDoctor Allows Me to Attack the Disease, not My Body

I’m surprised we forget about the biology basics we learn in school so quickly. We focus on maintaining all our organs healthy and forget the biggest and one of the most important ones: our skin. It’s amazing how many people forget that skin is an organ too, just because it’s on the outside of our bodies. Often, the way our skin reacts says a lot about life changes we need to make. For me it was psoriasis. Apart from some mild acne as a teenager, I had never had any major skin conditions. When the disease manifested I was sure I needed to find a natural psoriasis treatment that would respect my body balance. I also knew one of the most effective active ingredients in products like these had to be the sea buckthorn oil, but I needed to find a product with a significant amount that would make it an effective natural skin treatment. For me, that was FaceDoctor’s medicated soap.

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