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Chaga Mushroom Skin Cream – Anti-Aging Skin Treatment

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Allure Imports, Inc. has included a line of chaga mountain creams and lip balms in their product offerings. There are five different skin cream options that have been handcrafted to include not only the distinct benefits of the chaga morel but also incorporate other delicate ingredients such as rose and lavender oil and/or witch hazel. Each cream brings the healing powers of chaga to your fragile complexion – leaving it with a soft and healthy glow. And one of our chaga mountain creams is designed specifically for a baby’s sensitive bottom to help prevent chafing and diaper rash! Dab a fingertip full of this miracle cream onto the targeted area and rub it in gently. You’ll feel it go to work right away!

Also available is a line of lip balms in a variety of fun and classy flavors that will help to keep your lips soft and approachable. Available in classic chaga mushroom, mango, peppermint and cherry. The chaga balms work to protect your lips from drying and cracking in cold or warm weather, covering them with a protective layer that leaves your lips tasting and feeling special.

We invite you to read the labels of our products because each is crafted from all natural ingredients. You will simply never find any harmful chemicals in Chaga Mountain Creams and Lip Balms.

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