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Can 30 Years of Clinical Research be Wrong? Face Doctor Rx – For a Beautiful Complexion

Facedoctor - Dermapro (48)

Do you suffer from eczema? psoriasis? acne? other skin rashes?

Well, Allure Imports, Inc. has the answer for you! We have been in the business of developing and marketing all natural health and beauty aids for three decades now. We have our own research and development department, and experts in the field of dermatology who understand the frustration of dermatology problems.

One thing they decided long ago is that today’s products are often made from a variety of chemicals and artificial ingredients that can be doing more harm than good to your skin!

Our Face Doctor Rx and Derma Pro soaps and cleansers are made from all natural products straight from Mother Nature herself. We add a little Allure Imports ‘magic’ – by that we mean we have created a proprietary blend of natural ingredients – and – voila – you have a soap for your complexion and the rest of your body that should tame down breakouts and leave your skin feeling fresh and clean!

To learn more about Face Doctor Rx and Derma Pro visit our website…and don’t forget to place an order, we’re confident you will be pleased with our products.




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