Best Acne Soap for Teens
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Best Skincare Routine for Teens

Hormonal changes lead to an abundance of skin problems. Excess oil, acne, and blackheads are all visual reminders of internal changes. Keeping your skin healthy as a teen doesn’t need to be complicated. A simple skincare routine can help combat the worst problems.


Gentle Cleansing

You might be tempted to reach for powerful cleansers with the hopes of quickly banishing any skin blemishes. However, these cleaners can dry out your skin creating a new set of problems. A bar of gentle cleansing soap is the best place to start when creating a new skincare routine.

Most teens only need to wash their face once a day. If you wear makeup or your face gets dirty or very oily throughout the day, then you can cleanse your face twice a day to prevent your pores from getting clogged.


Control Oil

Using harsh products on your skin or failing to use moisturizers can increase the amount of oil produced. Control your oily skin by applying an oil-free primer after cleansing. This nourishes your skin while helping to control shine.

If you still have noticeably oily skin during the day, use blotting papers to gently remove the oil. You can use blotting papers every couple of hours. However, using them too frequently can strip your skin of essential oils, which leads to even more oil production.


Wear Sunscreen

Every day is a sunscreen day. Getting into the habit of applying sunscreen every day when you’re a teenager helps your skin look healthy for decades. Sunscreen can help prevent acne breakouts from changing color and help give a matte look to your skin.

Look for sunscreen that is oil-free to prevent it from causing more skin issues. If you wear makeup, a liquid foundation containing sunscreen can limit the number of products you need to apply to your face each day.


Make it a Habit

Healthy skin requires consistent care. Make your skincare routine a habit, and you’ll be rewarded with fewer breakouts.




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