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Beauty is More than Skin Deep – Use Derma Pro for your Best Skin Treatment

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Let me tell you a little something about us. Our company is Allure Imports, Inc. We operate out of Michigan and have been in the health and beauty product business for three decades! Now, that’s a long time for a business to exist. We’ve learned a lot about the commerce of beauty products in that time. We know what our customers want, what they like, what they need.

When it comes to skin care – well, that’s one of our highlights! We have developed and perfected an entire line of skin care products – Face Doctor Rx and Derma Pro – that have been tested and are endorsed by dermatologists. They are all-natural and organic, and contain ingredients that have been shown to combat the bacteria that are credited with causing many of your skin problems. As a matter of fact we like to tell our customers we offer the best acne treatment, best psoriasis treatment and overall best treatment for beautiful skin.

If you aren’t a believer – we invite you to visit our website and order one of the several products we offer that target problem skin. Take the time to read through our product descriptions and get to know a little bit about our history. It’s a trip worth the time…

And, once you’ve become a loyal customer (or even not) then please take a moment and let us know what you like best about Face Doctor Rx and Derma Pro. We appreciate you!

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