As a Restaurant Assistant Manager, Flaky Scalp is not the Best Calling Card

I was promoted to the assistant manager recently. I was thrilled and terrified. But I knew I could handle it. After all, I had been working hard to nail that position for a long time. My first day on the job was extremely stressful. It was my first time as the restaurant assistant manager and the place was packed because of the film festival happening next door. Not the best time for my scalp to act up. I managed to control the urge to scratch my head. At the health store around the corner, I was frantically looking for an efficient natural skin treatment when the cashier advised me the Hair & Scalp Doctor Antibacterial Shampoo. She said it was used as an eczema treatment and it was gentler than chemical products. I don’t actually have eczema but I have a very sensitive scalp so it worked like a charm. It was definitely an effective natural skin treatment.   

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