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As a Fashion Magazine Editor-in-Chief, I Rely on FaceDoctor for My Acne

When I was invited for the role of editor-in-chief of a fashion magazine I immediately said yes. That was the opportunity I had been waiting for so long and it seemed so unreal that I had finally made it. There was only one thing I didn’t expect to pop up with the stress of the first days on the job, acne. This wasn’t a first, but I thought the acne was controlled by then. I was desperate to find a natural acne treatment when my secretary told me about FaceDoctor’s acne treatment. I was really skeptical that a natural acne soap would work but I didn’t have time to argue before my big presentation within weeks. And, trust me, no makeup could’ve covered all that! I swear I could see my skin improve on a daily basis. After three weeks, my complexion looked better than it ever did! The magazine’s sponsors shouldn’t know this, but I haven’t used any other product again.

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