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After Years of Looking for the Perfect Treatment for Eczema, I Found It Around the Corner

I confess that I was a little skeptical when it came to all-natural treatments. I always felt I was being ripped off and all the lotions and creams were part-water part-perfume without any real active ingredients. When my doctor told me I couldn’t keep treating my eczema with strong chemical products, I knew I didn’t have much choice but to find a natural skin treatment for eczema. My skin was beginning to refuse treatment, something I never thought could be possible. My top priority, after a lot of research and consulting with my doctor, was to find a sea buckthorn oil soap. In most pharmacies, I visited not only had they ever heard about it but they would try to push the sale of other products that weren’t effective in my case. That’s when I discovered the health store around the corner from my house, selling FaceDoctor products with sea buckthorn oil as an active ingredient. I never used anything else again.

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