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After a Lot of Hits and Misses, FaceDoctor is the Best Out There for My Rosacea

I’m pretty shy and self-conscious of my rosacea, so I’m not the kind of guy that walks into a cosmetic store or a pharmacy and asks advice on skin products. I spend a lot of time online reading reviews and buy all my natural rosacea treatment products like that. Sometimes it takes hours of reading through reviews and a couple of hits and misses. All of them with consequences to the good health of my skin. When I found FaceDoctor’s products listed as one of the best remedies for skin problems, I took the leap of faith as I usually do. Compared to other products they were affordable so the loss wouldn’t be that big in case I didn’t like them (I don’t have the patience to return stuff). Three weeks later and this is the best rosacea care soap out there. And trust me, I’ve tried out a lot of them!

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