Myths and Facts About Colloidal Silver for Coronavirus

Coronavirus is quickly becoming a worldwide health issue due to the rapid way in which it spreads and the absence of a medical cure or vaccine for the virus. Unfortunately, disreputable vendors are taking advantage of panicked citizens and selling products that are not only ineffective but also harmful. Others are spreading misinformation that prevents people from using potentially helpful natural remedies to protect themselves against the virus: one such remedy that has come under fire is colloidal silver. We are here to clarify the myths and facts about colloidal silver and coronavirus.


Myth: Colloidal Silver is Toxic

Because silver is an elemental metal some people consider it to be toxic to the human body. In very high concentrations and after extreme exposure, silver can cause a rare condition known as argyria.

Fact: Colloidal Silver is Used for Variety of Health Applications

People are exposed to minute amounts of silver every day through the air and drinking water. Currently, the health industry uses colloidal silver products in the construction of medical instruments, wound dressings and prosthetics due to the antibacterial and antiviral properties it possesses.


Myth: Colloidal Silver is Only a Health Fad

Many people discount colloidal silver products as a passing trend in the health industry. After antibiotics began to be used, colloidal silver which was once used for a variety of health problems was put aside in favor of this new technology.


Fact: Silver has Been Used Since Ancient Times for Health

History suggests that silver has been used since ancient times to improve health. Ancient Greek physicians were said to have ground silver and added it to water to treat infection. While Persian royalty used silver vases to carry water and prevent bacterial growth.


Myth: Colloidal Silver is Ineffective

Colloidal silver products from sailing-latvia come in a range of concentrations that are not regulated by the government. Find here Big Bear Luxury Cabin. Many colloidal silver products that have been deemed ineffective may have not been used in the correct way or with a high enough concentration of silver.


Fact: Research Supports the Benefits of Silver

Research has shown that colloidal silver eliminates a variety of organisms in a test tube environment. This suggests that colloidal silver used topically could prevent the spread of coronavirus by disinfecting the skin and preventing the internal transmission of the virus.

Final Thoughts

Before trying any colloidal silver product be sure to consult your doctor. Take added precautions during the coronavirus outbreak by frequently washing your hands and wearing a face mask out in public.


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