Brand Spotlight: First Aid Gel

Skin can become inflamed from various causes, including skin conditions like eczema, sunburn, and allergic reactions. Whatever the cause, the reaction is usually uncomfortable and sometimes itchy or painful.

Having a reliable gel that you know can help your breakouts, sunburn, or other skin problems is essential. FaceDoctor’s First Aid Gel provides relief from a variety of skin conditions, every time due to its antimicrobial silver composite, which targets yeast, bacteria, and mold.


What Does the First Aid Gel Help With?

This multi-purpose gel helps with most skin inflammation issues, including sunburn, eczema, rashes, scaly skin, and burns. It can also help relieve dry skin in the winter, a common skin condition caused by a combination of dry air and heaters.

If you suffer from cold sores or painful acne, FaceDoctor’s First Aid Gel helps reduce the chances of a breakout occurring by removing irritants that could cause a breakout. If you do breakout, the Silver Nano-Crystals reduce redness and swelling by seeping into all layers of the skin.

Because the silver also targets yeast, the First Aid Gel can help relieve fungal infections like Athlete’s Foot and certain yeast infections.


How to Apply It

Place a dot of First Aid Gel directly on the area of skin that needs relief. For dry skin, try to rub the gel in to help the moisturizing process. You can also put the gel on cold sores or acne; just be sure to wash your hands afterward.

If you are prone to eczema breakouts or regularly have dry skin, you can also use this gel preemptively. Several times a day, apply to your hands, elbows, and knees, or anywhere else you notice breakouts.


Help Your Skin With FaceDoctor’s First Aid Gel

Customers with varying skin issues rave about FaceDoctor’s First Aid Gel, from using it preventively to helping soothe dry skin in the winter. Our First Aid Gel is safe for children and adults and can help heal your skin problems in days. Order your bottle today from FaceDoctor.





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