Alleviate Maskne with Complexion Soaps

Wearing a mask is essential for public safety right now, but it makes it harder for your skin to breathe naturally. No matter what type of mask you wear, dirt and oil remain trapped beneath it and rub deep into your skin.

FaceSurgeon and FaceDoctor complexion soaps are specially formulated to deal with a wide variety of acne issues, even if you’ve dealt with stubborn acne for years. They are backed by scientific research that dives deep into stubborn dermatological issues like rosacea and eczema psoriasis and helps with other types of dryness and irritation.


Why Maskne Happens

Acne mechanica happens when a covering like a mask or a hat constantly rubs your pores. Lack of exposure to air can also exacerbate acne mechanica, so frequent mask-wearing is a prime cause of this type of acne. Although it is usually worse for users of N95 masks and other medical-grade masks, it can happen to anyone with sensitive or oily skin.

Preventing this type of acne requires a balanced approach, as simply stripping the skin of oil and dirt isn’t enough to treat acne. An aggressive approach can even make things worse if the skin overcompensates for lost oil by producing a lot more. You need a complexion soap that cleans and soothes the skin to prevent further irritation.


FaceDoctor and FaceSurgeon Soaps

FaceDoctor is a leading complexion soap for users with stubborn skin conditions because it contains sea buckthorn oil, a natural ingredient that nourishes the skin without clogging pores. Although it was originally designed for touch conditions caused by skin parasites, it’s gentle enough for use on everyday skin conditions.

FaceSurgeon complexion soap is an even more advanced soap that cleanses bacteria with a variety of natural ingredients. Both FaceSurgeon and FaceDoctor received a recent update to make them more effective against maskne. They’re a source of relief for both frequent acne sufferers and people with recent acne issues because of masks.


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