3 FaceDoctor Products That Make Great Stocking Stuffers

Finding stocking stuffers can be a challenge. You want something small, useful, and exciting. If you need to find some little presents for a skincare fanatic, check out FaceDoctor. We have a wide range of high-quality, luxurious creams and soaps backed by 30 years of clinical research that your favourite skincare lover will adore.

Here are the top three FaceDoctor products to stuff your loved one’s stockings.


1. FaceDoctor Beauty Cream

The dry, cold winter air can cause painful dry and cracked skin. FaceDoctor Beauty Cream provides a deep moisturizing effect that your loved ones will appreciate in December.

It also tightens the skin, creating an anti-ageing effect and decreasing wrinkles. For the animal lovers in your inner circle, this cream is also cruelty-free and uses organic ingredients.


2. Silver Soul Body Spray

If you have a germaphobe family member, they’ll love seeing Silver Soul Body Spray in their stocking. Antibacterial soaps and sprays have been fading in effectiveness as bacterial infections become immune to antibiotics due to overuse of antibiotics in animals and treating non-bacterial infections.

FaceDoctor has created the Silver Soul Body Spray. Its antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties come from the silver, an all-natural ingredient. Your loved one can spray this on their facemask or body to rejuvenate the skin, spray it on skin infections and allow it to soak in, or drink it three times a day to help rid their body of infections.


3. FaceSurgeon Instant Wrinkle Cream

If your loved one wants to smooth away wrinkles, they’ll be delighted to find the FaceSurgeon Instant Wrinkle Cream in their stocking. It not only helps to smooth out wrinkles, but this fantastic cream also reduces dark bags under the eyes, removes unhealthy skin cells, and smooths out crow’s feet.

It’s great for all skin types and ages and can also help rehydrate dry skin.


Shop FaceDoctor

Stuff your stockings with creams and sprays this holiday season. Shop at your convenience online to explore our offers, including our subscription options. Give the gift of smooth, beautiful skin with FaceDoctor.






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